pet costumesIt’s that time of year again; witches, ghosts, bats, and pumpkins are making their appearances in preparation for the scariest night of the year, Halloween!

It’s natural to want to include your pet in the festivities, and for many pet owners this means finding the perfect costume for their four-legged pal. Before you load up your cart with the latest and greatest pet costumes, check out our ideas for some fun and creative ways to celebrate the spookiest season with your pet.

Safety First

By now, you probably know that your pet’s health and safety is our top priority. Dressing up a pet is cute; but if it isn’t safe, it isn’t worth doing.

Your pet’s Halloween costume shouldn’t:

  • Limit movement – Your pet should be able to comfortably walk, run, sit, and turn his or her head in a costume.
  • Restrict the senses – Your pet’s costume shouldn’t interfere with your pet’s ability to breath, see, smell, hear, or drink water.
  • Pose a risk of choking or strangulation – Loosely wrapped ribbons, cords, bowties, etc., around the neck could entangle your pet or put him or her at risk of strangulation. Similarly, make sure the costume doesn’t have any buttons or other small parts that could be chewed off and swallowed.
  • Be uncomfortable – If you notice that your pet seems uncomfortable, itchy, too hot, or otherwise annoyed in his or her costume, make the necessary adjustments.

Animals Dressed Up As Animals?

Sure, why not? Although it’s hard to imagine that your pet could get any cuter, dressing him or her up as animal of a different species can take that cuteness to a new level.

Some fun ideas include dogs dressed as lions or ducks, a kitty dressed as a skunk, or a guinea pig disguised as a reindeer.

For The Crafty Among Us

If you’re on a budget or want to explore your creative side, consider a DIY pet costume. It doesn’t have to be difficult to make a cute costume for your best pal, just check out the tutorials like these for a Beanie Baby costume, spider dog, or cat bat to get your creative juices flowing.

Matching Owner And Pet Costumes

What could be more fun than incorporating your pet into your own Halloween costume (or vice versa)? Traditional themes like Dorothy and Toto, or Lassie and Timmy come to mind, or you can borrow ideas from more contemporary sources, like Star Wars or E.T. or keep it simple and dress yourself and your pet in matching t-shirts or bandanas.

When Birthday Suit Is Best

Some pets simply aren’t cut out for costumes. If your pet is displaying signs of stress and agitation, such as folded ears, tucked tail, running to hide, or refusal to move, skip the costume this year. As adorable as that lumberjack costume you so lovingly made from scratch would be on your pet, his or her comfort is more important.

We can’t wait to see what your pet is wearing for Halloween! Post a picture to our facebook page or other social media, and don’t forget to contact your friends at Carriage Hills Animal Hospital with your questions or concerns about pet costumes.