“Thank you so much for taking care of Bonnie through her surgery. I appreciate it and it makes it much easier for me when I know she is in good hands.”

Christy Porterfield and Bonnie

“You most certainly have the gifts of love and compassion. Thank you again for being so diligent in finding the problem with our sweet Miss Piggy.”

Heather, Tony and Piggy Smith.

“I want to thank you for all the TLC you showed my cockatiel, Deros, and me over the years...”

Linda Huebner

“...the people in our lives for whom we are most grateful. You folks are among those people. We do not know what we would have done without you this year.”

Steve and Dianne Durbin

“I will not take my animals anywhere else!!! The staff and doctors were absolutely FABULOUS, kind, courteous, caring and understanding.

Dennis A.

“What more could you ask for? Warm, caring staff, competent doctors that take their time with their clients and are genuinely caring. A clean, bright environment.”

cal (3) c.

“You can tell the staff at Carriage Hills Animal Hospital truly cares about the well-being of animals. They are courteous, caring, and go out of their way to make sure your animals are healthy and happy.”

Troy (K) W.

“Thanks to the dedication of the vet himself and his staff, my dog overcame a bout of pancreatitis which could have been fatal if the doctor had not met me after hours.”

Courtney T.

“I am so proud to say that I use this group of Vets and tech...“Dr Van” explained everything to me and it was a much more reassuring process than it could have been. My hats off to all the staff!!

Shannon P.

“Our dog was injured one evening just before business hours ended. I called expecting to ask about an emergency vet but they told me to bring my dog in even though they were closed. They took great care of her!

Melissa S.

“The vets and all the staff are friendly and want to make sure the owner feels comfortable with any procedures or meds given to the pet. They are great!

Sharion V.

“Thank you so much for taking wonderful care of me after removal of my oral cancer. My Mommy and Daddy are so grateful to everyone there at Carriage Hills.”

Bella Pate

The Best Senior Pet Care: Disease Prevention, Early Intervention & Pain Relief

Senior Pet Care

We cherish your senior pet and are dedicated to helping your old friend lead a long and vigorous life. The professionals at Carriage Hills Animal Hospital understand that aging pets require extra care and attention. Our senior pet protocols are designed to support health, prevent age-related disease, and identify medical problems early for successful treatment.

Our convenient Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic offers the same extraordinary senior pet wellness care with a selection of essential services in our intimate, modern facility in East Montgomery.

Senior Pet Care & Disease Prevention

Older pets have special needs such as more frequent examinations and wellness screenings. Early detection of age-related conditions and diseases offers the most success in treatment options. To support this approach, we recommend veterinary exams at least twice a year after the age of six in most dogs and cats, earlier for large breeds.

An older pet is more likely to develop diseases of the heart, liver, and kidney, as well as cancers, diabetes, and arthritis. Prompt treatment of these diseases allows us to slow or halt their progress and provide your pet with greater comfort for a longer period of time.

Treating Common Diseases in Senior Pets

Our veterinarians have experience and skill in successfully treating age-related conditions and diseases. Cancer care, neurological issues, and orthopedic concerns prevail in aging pets. Successful treatments are available to our patients, as well as veterinary referrals, in all of these areas. 

We offer advanced arthritis treatment options including physical therapy with our underwater treadmill. In addition, pain management is a high priority for senior pets. We address pain with medication and lifestyle changes, as well as alternative treatments such as the therapeutic laser.

We help your pet grow old gracefully. Contact our hospital to schedule an appointment for your senior companion.