Veterinary Neurology & Neurosurgery

Veterinarian and technician performing an MRI on a dog

At Carriage Hills Animal Hospital, our veterinary team has a special interest and expertise in neurology and neurosurgery. We accept current patients and veterinary referrals for these specialty services.


Neurologic Conditions in Pets

Veterinary neurology is the study of the animal’s nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles. Common problems associated with veterinary neurology include seizure disorders such as epilepsy, spine and head injuries, cancer, stroke, and intervertebral disc disease.

Symptoms of neurologic dysfunction include seizures, weakness, paralysis, staggering, confusion, back or neck pain, gait abnormalities, and circling. Both traumatic injuries and congenital problems can cause serious or life-threatening conditions for your pet and should be addressed immediately.


Diagnostics & Neurosurgery

We offer most neurological diagnostics and procedures. Additional services include:

  • Thorough neurologic exams
  • Brain and spinal imaging, including myelography and radiography
  • Access to MRI services
  • Spinal fluid analysis
  • Neurosurgery of spinal cord, nerves, and muscle
  • Critical and intensive care
  • Tumor biopsy

Neurological conditions can be considered life-threatening emergencies. Never wait when the possibility of stroke, seizure, injury, or other neurologic issue is concerned. The earlier we intervene, the more likely the possibility of recovery for your special animal companion.


Your Pet & Neurosurgery

Our experienced team will provide your pet with the ultimate in safety and skill during surgery. The highest standard of care is given to every patient, maximizing outcomes.

Once your pet is out of surgery, plan for a stay in our critical care unit. We employ a pain management plan focused on comfort and reducing stress. Often, pets are referred for physical therapy during rehabilitation to return them to mobility as soon as possible.


The Pet Vet

Dr. Van Hooser

Carriage Hills Animal Hospital offers the services of general practitioner Dr. Bill Van Hooser who has 30 years of experience in spinal surgery. See Dr. Van Hooser on WSFA Channel 12, “The Pet Vet”, every Monday at 11:30 a.m.