Orthopedic Surgery & Rehabilitation for Injured Pets

Dog in orthopedic rehabilitation

Pets suffering from bone injuries or congenital conditions may require orthopedic care. We are experienced in performing complex orthopedic procedures such as cruciate repair, including tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO).

Carriage Hills Animal Hospital offers orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation services for our current patients and those referred by their primary veterinarians.


Treating Injuries with Orthopedic Surgery

Any pet suffering from a trauma, such as a fall or auto accident, could sustain a bone fracture or dislocation. Animals are adept at masking pain and may not show outward signs of injury. That’s why an exam by a veterinarian is critical to diagnosing an injury and to prevent needless suffering.

We recommend contacting our hospital immediately following any trauma for guidance and instructions in preparing your pet for transport to our emergency unit. We will advise you in methods for preventing further pain or added damage to the injured site.

With a bone fracture or torn ligament, surgery is the standard course of treatment. Orthopedic surgery is often complex and will likely require a stay in our critical care unit.


Rehabilitation After Surgery

Your pet will be released to go home with a pain management program designed to maintain comfort and help your companion remain quiet and relaxed. All medications are provided through our veterinary pharmacy for your convenience. We may recommend home treatments to aid in patient comfort, such as cold packs or heat treatments. You will be thoroughly informed as to your pet’s needs prior to release from our hospital.

Typically, recuperation involves a period of physical therapy and rehabilitation. While our rehabilitation program is designed to provide maximum results in the least amount of time, expect some restrictions in activity and a period of therapeutic treatments.

At Carriage Hills Animal Hospital, we prepare a personalized plan for your pet that may include pain medications, nutraceutical supplements, and physical therapy to help decrease convalescence time. Please contact our hospital to discuss your pet’s orthopedic needs.