Safety & Comfort is Our Priority

Veterinarian preparing a dog for surgery

Carriage Hills Animal Hospital is pleased to offer the highest quality veterinary surgical services in the area, including many advanced procedures. Whether they are here for a routine spay or a cutting-edge procedure, all our patients are treated with care and compassion. We understand your pets are part of your family and every precaution is made to ensure their safety.


Veterinary Surgery for Special Pets

Our team of accomplished veterinarians offers extensive surgical experience for all our animal patients. Some of the more advanced procedures we perform include:

  • Decompressive laminectomies
  • Cruciate repair including tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO)
  • Dental surgeries including root canals and other minor endodontics
  • Minimally invasive surgeries (including laparoscopic spays)

All surgical patients receive an IV catheter and fluids to maintain hydration and regulate blood pressure. Pain management is vital to all surgical cases, and safety and comfort are of the utmost importance.


Pet Anesthesia for Safety & Comfort

While no anesthetic is without some inherent risk, we take special steps to provide the safest anesthesia experience possible.

  • We perform pre-anesthetic blood work prior to surgery to screen for potential problems.
  • All patients are anesthetized using a personalized anesthetic plan and receive intravenous fluids during surgery.
  • Vital signs, including heart rate and rhythm, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen saturation are carefully monitored.
  • A heated surgery table is used to ensure comfort during surgery.
  • A dedicated anesthetic nurse closely supervises all patients during their procedure and the recovery period afterward using state-of-the-art monitoring equipment.

Pain Control

We strongly believe that reducing pain and discomfort is essential, and each patient benefits from an individualized, multi-modal pain control plan. Patients spending the night after surgery remain under the supervision of one of our expert staff members so any complications or pain can be addressed immediately.

Recovery from surgery, especially orthopedic procedures, can take time. Your veterinarian will work with you to develop a detailed plan for your pet that may include pain medications, nutraceutical supplements, and/or physical therapy.