First Aid for Your Pet

FirstAidAre you prepared to handle an emergency situation involving your pets? A little preparation can go a long way in helping you have the confidence that you need to help. Take some time to review the following tips to ensure that you can provide the help that is needed in the unfortunate event of an emergency. While we hope that you never need to use first aid for your pet, you never know when you might need to be prepared for the worst.

  • Know what steps you need to take in an emergency. A plan will help you to act in a cool, collected manner. Your plans should include making sure that everyone involved is safe, as knowing what signs and symptoms indicate when help is needed.
  • Have the necessary supplies. Put together a small first-aid kit to carry. It should include items such as tweezers, sterile saline, gauze rolls, gauze sponges, antibiotic ointment, latex gloves, a spare leash, and a thermometer. Consult your veterinarian for other items that they recommend as well. Continue…

Holiday Pet Safety: Chocolate Toxicity

If your home is like most this holiday season, there is probably a little more chocolate in the house than usual. Whether it’s the cocoa powder on the counter all ready for your special chocolate mousse pie, the white chocolate holiday bark your kind neighbor brought over, or the box of assorted truffles under the tree, they are all dangerous to unsuspecting and curious pets.

Chocolate Santa ClausWhy Chocolate is a Threat to Pets

While most humans enjoy chocolate, pets metabolize one of the main components, theobromine, differently than we do. At low doses, chocolate intoxication can cause hyperactive behavior in pets. At slightly higher doses you may see digestive upset (think vomiting and diarrhea). At even higher doses a pet that has ingested too much chocolate may have deadly heart arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats), seizures, and coma.


How much chocolate a pet can ingest without suffering from chocolate toxicity is dependent on two factors:  Continue…

Deck the Halls: Holiday Safety For Your Pet

Chances are it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at your house. As the big day draws near many of us are decking our halls and trimming our trees in preparation for the holiday festivities. But if you have pets, you have a little more to plan for then just where to hang your holly. As a pet owner, or even a pet host, you’ll need to take your pets’ health and safety into consideration as well.

…Not to mention the health and safety of your sentimental treasures and family heirlooms.

Keeping Pets Safe

There is a lot to consider when it comes to keeping your pet safe during the holidays. Chief among your safety concerns are the many little “did-you-knows” when it comes to holiday décor.

Here’s what to look out for: Continue…