Giving Thanks For Our Pets

iStock_000029775388_MediumYour pet may not make your morning coffee or clean up after your holiday gathering, but your four-legged friend can sure be sweet and supportive in ways that mean the world to us. Some pet owners subscribe to the fallacy that, in their human-pet relationship, they are the ones taking care of all the needs. Yes: pets require certain things like food, shelter, and good medical care, but the truth is, pets nurture many facets of our well being that we may not even be aware of.

This Thanksgiving, as you reflect on what you are thankful for, take a moment to ponder all the ways your life is made complete by the presence of your pet. To get you started, we’ve created the following reasons that WE are thankful for our pets, and hope some of them resonate with you in order to give thanks for your own pet. Continue…

Avoiding Turkey Gobblers, Pillaging Pooches, and Other Thanksgiving Pet Disasters

iStock_000019349731_MediumAs Thanksgiving approaches and with Christmas is on the horizon, it’s likely that you are already considering travel plans, favorite recipes, and all of the other decisions this busy and festive time of year demands. For pet guardians, the holidays can bring additional stress as we scramble to accommodate our cat-allergic Great Aunt or worry about what potential havoc Rocky may wreak upon the Thanksgiving table.

It’s true, pets often present challenges when it comes to planning the perfect family gathering.  Issues like begging, aggression, or fear may make a large crowd difficult our pets, and for us!

From the bountiful Thanksgiving table, full of tempting foods our pets would love to gobble up, to training challenges and boarding dilemmas, there is a lot to think about when it comes to holiday pet well-being and safety. Thankfully, there are several options and preemptive pet-friendly measures you can take to keep the thankful in Thanksgiving. Continue…