Life Made EASIER with Dog Obedience Training

AllPets_iStock_000019367479_MediumWinter is a great time to take advantage of dog obedience classes for your puppy or adult dog who needs some pointers. Life typically slows down a bit after the holidays and you may have noticed a few “not so pleasant” behaviors in your dog or puppy over the holidays.

Have you had difficulties socializing that new pup? Or has your adult dog continued to bark at everything and everyone? The great news is that most (if not all) dogs can benefit from dog obedience training classes.

Effective canine obedience training can help teach your dog to: Continue…

CareCredit and Other Ways to Help Pay for Pet Emergencies

CHAH_iStock_000025336809_MediumWhen we sign on to make an animal part of the family we are signing up for the good times and bad, the sickness and health, and, just like a marriage, for rich or for poor. But, since most of pet ownership is spent in good times and good health, it’s easy to forget to plan for the hard times and the cost of paying for veterinary care when it’s needed the most.

Instead of just hoping that our pet will never need emergency care or surgery, there are many ways to plan for the future health of your pet. Wellness exams and dental cleanings can be planned for, but what about the minor or major surprises animals seem to spring on us at just the wrong time? Continue…