The Human-Animal Bond: Why We Connect With Our Pets

CHAH_iStock_000017761090_LargeIt’s been one of those manic Mondays where nothing seems to go right. Plopping down with your head in your hands, a familiar nudge grazes your knee, sits down beside you, and snuggles up against your lap. For almost every pet guardian out there, this scene is a familiar one. We can think of occasions in our lives when our pets seemed to inexplicably understand our most unspoken concern, grief, pain, or confusion.

For pet parents, the human-animal bond is as real as any important connection or friendship, if not more so. But what’s behind it? And why does it make such a meaningful impact on our lives? Continue…

Caring for a Pet: What It Means to Be a Responsible Pet Owner

CHAH_iStock_000010652668_LargeWhat does it mean to be a responsible pet owner? Certainly, good pet care includes providing food and fresh water, daily exercise, and veterinary care. We would also hope that a responsible pet owner is loving, devoted, and attentive with caring for a pet.

For those pet owners who truly see their pets as part of the family, we want to think about what it really means to be a responsible pet owner who not only meets our pet’s daily needs, but provides the best care and quality of life for our pets.


Caring for a Pet: Tips for the Responsible Pet Owner

CHAH_iStock_000010652668_LargeWhen we think about being a responsible pet owner, what comes to mind? We may associate qualities such as loving, devoted, and attentive with caring for a pet. Providing food and fresh water, daily exercise, and veterinary care are also a likely part of your definition.

For National Responsible Pet Owner Month (yes, there really is a holiday for everything), we want to think more fully about what it really means to be a responsible pet owner and consider tips for providing the best care for our pets. Continue…