Ten Tips for Summertime Pet Safety

CHAH_iStock_000022088960_LargeNothing says summer quite like a day at the beach or an evening with burgers on the grill. The hot days are perfect for siestas and dips in the pool, family vacations, and picnics at the local park. We often spend more time outside with our family member pets, too; especially those water- and park-loving pooches. Given this, it’s only natural that summertime pet safety goes hand-in-hand with summertime family fun.

Along with the springtime safety issues we covered in a previous blog, summer combines these seasonal dangers, but ups the ante in the heat department. To keep your pet cool from the summer sizzle, here are our top ten tips for summer pet safety. Continue…

The More the Merrier! Multiple Pet Households

Dog licking catMore and more Americans are welcoming more than one pet into their households. And why not? More than one pet means more to love, more companionship, and more playmates for you and your furry family members.

Sometimes, though, multiple pet households can present problems. Learn how to keep the peace in a home with more than one pet.

Homes with More Than One Pet Species

Most multi-species households are very successful. This type of menagerie, however, does not come without effort. Continue…