My Pet Has Cancer … Now What?

CHAH_iStock_000048864992_LargeWe would all like for cancer to just disappear off the face of the Earth, but statistics show that it is being diagnosed now more than ever, for both pets and people. Almost half of disease-related pet deaths every year can be blamed on cancer, and 1 in 4 dogs will have some type of tumor in his or her lifetime.

Cancer is scary, but many cancers can be cured and many more can be successfully managed. When your pet has cancer, it isn’t always a death sentence. Keep reading to learn what to expect when your pet is diagnosed with cancer. Continue…

All In The Timing: When To Be Concerned About Lumps And Bumps On Your Pet

WestLake_iStock_000022610052_Large (1)If you’ve ever felt lumps or bumps on your pet, you know it’s a moment filled with concern. While there could be a variety of explanations – and, thankfully, many lumps and bumps are harmless – it’s important to act quickly and let us examine your pet to zero-in on the cause or related illness.

The risk and uncertainty is a tough place to be in. When all you want is the best care and outcome for your pet, an exam by your veterinarian is the best way to either relieve your fears or be the start of a treatment plan. Early detection, diagnosis, and action can prime the way toward a positive outcome for your pet – and a longer, healthier life.