Navigating a Chocolate Emergency

Our human idea of a ‘chocolate emergency’ is probably different than the type of chocolate emergency our pets might experience. Chocolate is a well-known pet toxin, and can pose a sweet but serious threat to our animal friends. Why is this decadent treat a pet danger and how Carriage Hills Animal Hospital can help you if you ever find yourself in a true chocolate emergency?

The Dark Side of Chocolate

Chocolate is dangerous for pets because it is such a tempting and commonly-found treat. The toxicity for pets comes from the theobromine it contains. Theobromine is a caffeine-like stimulant which can cause serious problems in the body. Its toxicity is dose dependent, meaning the more theobromine that is ingested per body weight, the worse the symptoms. Baking and dark chocolates contain more theobromine than milk or white chocolate. Continue…

Love is in the Air: What to Know About Heart Problems in Pets

It’s February, and what better time to turn our attention to heart health than now? Cardiac problems are not uncommon amongst our furry friends, just as with humans, and every animal owner needs to know about the signs and causes of heart problems in pets. Read on to be sure that you are taking good care of your pet’s ticker.

Signs of Heart Problems in Pets

The best chance of successfully treating heart problems in pets is when we recognize them early-on. Your pet’s annual wellness exams are a great time for us to be screening for signs of cardiac disease, however an owner with a discerning eye can often pick up on trouble even earlier.

Please let us know if your pet experiences: Continue…