Animal Rehabilitation:  Opening New Doors

CHAH_MAIN_IMG_97201Physical therapy and rehabilitation are vital components in treatment and recovery in the human medical world. They are invaluable in the treatment of many illnesses, injuries, and recoveries to enhance healing, increase comfort and improve quality of life. It is only in recent years, however, that physical and rehabilitation therapy have been recognized for their many benefits for our pets.

As with so many things, Carriage Hills Animal Hospital values being on the forefront of the latest and greatest medicine for your cherished family pets. Our advanced animal rehabilitation therapies and hands-on physical therapy are important tools in our overall treatment toolbox.

How We Can Help

We have years of medical research in the journals relating to human physical therapy, and we’re seeing similar evidence for the benefits of animal rehabilitation. How does this benefit your pet? Continue…

More Than Just A Pretty Face: The Importance Of Regular Pet Grooming

shih tzu
There’s nothing like being clean, and the same is true for our fur-friends. A freshly washed, brushed, and trimmed pet almost seems to sparkle with vitality.

The benefits of regular pet grooming extend far beyond just keeping your pet clean, however. Pet grooming is an important part of responsible pet ownership and keeping your best pal healthy.

The Importance Of Regular Pet Grooming

Aside from keeping your pet looking and feeling his or her best, regular grooming can have lasting health benefits: Continue…