Intratracheal Stent Surgery:  Help for Pets with Tracheal Collapse

dog portraitCarriage Hills Animal Hospital takes pride in being able to offer our patients the best and most progressive techniques available in veterinary medicine. Part of this is being able to provide the most up to date surgical options for a variety of medical issues.

Intratracheal stent surgery is just one of the many advanced procedures our surgery staff is able to offer pets in need.

The Collapsing Trachea

As vets, we can often recognize tracheal collapse before your pet even enters our exam room. Typically, it’s a middle aged, small breed dog (think Yorkies, Poodles, and Pomeranians) on our schedule for coughing. While it is important for any coughing dog to be examined (other problems such as kennel cough or heart failure can also cause it), many times the culprit is what is known as a collapsing trachea. Continue…