Your Guide to Frequently Asked Summer Pet Questions

Big Eye dog and flying beeSummer is a great season to enjoy with your pet. Sunshine, family and friends, and fun activities outdoors all make for memorable moments. Summer does bring with it, however, some unique questions you know for humans but what about pets and bee stings, sunburn or poison ivy? Get your summer pet questions answered so that you and your pet can make the most of the rest of this season.

Plants, Critters, and Other Downers

The summer season comes with lots of plantlife and small pesky critters. These can raise their own set of summer pet questions. Continue…

It’s Barbeque Season! Pet Party Etiquette 101

Group of friends eating outdoorSummer barbeque season is well underway, and if you haven’t been to or hosted an outdoor gathering yet, you likely will soon. It’s only natural to want to include our beloved pets in our memorable summer celebrations, but is your pet ready to party?

We know you are an ideal pet parent, but we’ve all witnessed the occasional pet party foul; the overly exuberant dog who manages to transfer muddy paw prints to the fronts of everyone’s pants, or the cat who makes herself at home on the countertop amongst the open containers of sides and condiments.

Proper pet party etiquette, along with safety of course, is an important consideration whether you are attending or hosting a summer get-together. Continue…