Plain Old Heartbreak: Coping with Pet Loss

T boys and dad in yard burying petWhether you expect it after a long illness or it happens in a shocking or traumatic way, pet loss can stop you in your tracks. To be sure, preparation for a beloved pet’s final breath can only get you so far…The quiet, empty space left behind is anything but quiet or empty.

A pet can leave behind years of memories, and it’s common for pet owners, children, and fellow pets to endure all the stages of grief. The good news? You can all get through the loss of a special pet together.

The Truth About Mourning

We all know that our pets cannot live forever, but it’s nevertheless shocking when we have to let them go. We can prepare for the inevitable passing, but when it actually happens the grief, sadness, and despair takes over our sense of normalcy. The veterinary staff at Carriage Hills Animal Hospital are familiar with this part of life, and are positioned to help you and your family honor your pet.


Maximizing Hunting Safety for Dogs

Woodland River with DogThe arrival of chilly mornings and changing leaves is synonymous with hunting season throughout much of the United States. For some dogs, this means joining their owners out in the woods and fields during this exciting time of year.

As always, your pet’s safety and health is our top priority here at Carriage Hills Animal Hospital, and that includes hunting safety for dogs. We hope our tips help to not only keep your dog safe, but to also support your dog’s enjoyment of the hunting season. Continue…

Service Spotlight: Pet Dermatology

Cat relaxes in the gardenSkin issues are one of the most common problems that plague our pets. They are no fun, often resulting in itchy, smelly, or bald pets (sometimes all three!). They can be frustrating to diagnose and manage, as many different types of disease processes can look very similar.

Luckily for pet owners in the greater Montgomery area, Carriage Hills Animal Hospital is well-equipped to help animal lovers with pet dermatology issues. Our expertise and resources help us get to the bottom of your pet’s skin issue and get him or her feeling better, faster.

Starting Simple

A physical examination and history can help us make headway in diagnosing most pet dermatology issues. We will have lots of questions for you, including how long the problem has been occurring, whether your pet is itchy or not, what type of food you are feeding your pet, and what parasite preventatives you are using. Continue…