All About Urinary Tract Infections in Pets

urinary tract infections in petsWhen it comes to pet health problems, urinary tract infections are not all that uncommon. We frequently see patients with symptoms of a potential problem, and of course their caretakers have questions. Why did this happen? How will we fix it? Will my pet have problems again?

Carriage Hills Animal Hospital thinks it is very important that our furry patient’s advocates have all the information. We invite you to read on so that you know all about urinary tract infections in pets.


Boo! The Wonderful World Of Pet Costumes

pet costumesIt’s that time of year again; witches, ghosts, bats, and pumpkins are making their appearances in preparation for the scariest night of the year, Halloween!

It’s natural to want to include your pet in the festivities, and for many pet owners this means finding the perfect costume for their four-legged pal. Before you load up your cart with the latest and greatest pet costumes, check out our ideas for some fun and creative ways to celebrate the spookiest season with your pet.