Did you make any New Year’s resolutions last year? Did you keep any of them? As 2018 comes to a close, many of us are looking back at our goals for 2018 to see how we did. And whether you planned to eat better, exercise more, or be more mindful, we hope you had an amazing year.

At Carriage Hills Animal Hospital, one way we help you keep any resolutions you made for your pets is through our pet care blogs. With information about pet safety, caring for your pet, or sometimes just a dose of fun, writing and publishing this weekly blog is a privilege.

We’re taking a look at the blog posts you enjoyed most, here.

Carriage Hills Animal Hospital’s Top 10 Blogs of 2018

#10: Pythiosis in Dogs: An Unusual Enemy 
In veterinary medicine nothing is ever straightforward, but we do see some disease processes more often than others. Through the process of elimination, most veterinarians look for the more routinely seen issues. Once these are ruled out, however, there are always a few “zebras” at the bottom of the list of possibilities… Read more

#9: Understanding Feline Leukemia 
Cats, like any other creature, are susceptible to a variety of infectious diseases that can have serious consequences on health and well-being. One such infectious disease that cat lovers need to have an understanding of is feline leukemia. This viral infection is truly one to avoid when possible, and at Carriage Hills Animal Hospital we are here to arm you with the knowledge you need to do so… Keep reading

#8: The Buzz About Pet Safe Mosquito Control 
They are the most deadly creatures on Earth. Not to be outdone by the bear, the lion, or the shark, mosquitoes are responsible for carrying all sorts of deadly diseases, as well as being the epitome of annoyance. Read on!

#7: Itchy and Scratchy: What You Need to Know About Mange 
Most animal lovers have heard of mange. In fact, many times when a pet has hair loss, is feeling a little itchy, or has a rash, people jump to the conclusion that mange is to blame. While sometimes this is the diagnosis, a great many other skin conditions can appear similarly. Luckily for you and your pets, Carriage Hills Animal Hospital is well prepared to deal with many dermatologic problems and help you understand more about mange. Continue reading… 

#6: The Role of Pet Pheromones in Fear-Free Veterinary Exams 
Many of us have experienced a visit to the veterinarian that was less than relaxing. Our loving, calm, and happy pets are often at their worst when going to the veterinarian, and fear plays a big role in that. Read more…

#5: Essential Oil Diffusers and Pets: What You Need to Know 
The use of essential oils to soothe common ailments such as pain, anxiety, and cold symptoms dates back to biblical times. Although essential oils have been around for thousands of years, the industry is currently enjoying a resurgence in interest, and many people are incorporating the oils into their daily lives in a variety of ways. Keep reading…

#4: Leave It! What’s Your Policy for Pet Safety Around Snakes? 
This time of year it’s increasingly common to have an encounter with a snake. Whether they’re swimming through the lake directly towards you and your pet, or you encounter one while out for a walk together, the fact is you have to be on your guard. Many pets are downright intrigued when it comes to a slithering serpent, while others may get struck in a surprise attack. Water moccasins, or cottonmouths, have a reputation for being rather aggressive, so it’s best to have a proactive approach to pet safety around snakes. Read on!

#3: Warm Weather on the Horizon: Rattlesnake Safety and Your Pet 
Like most wildlife, rattlesnakes become active when temperatures warm up, and spring is in full swing. Like many wild species, rattlesnakes are part of our urban environment now, as much as coyotes and raccoons. Living among these wild species, it’s important to know a bit about rattlesnake safety and your pet. The team at Carriage Hills Animal Hospital is here to help! Keep reading…

#2: Too Hot to Breathe: Heat-Related Pet Breathing Problems 
The dog days of late summer are upon us. And, for pets who have breathing problems, these kinds of days can be rough. There are several common pet breathing problems that we see that can worsen in the hot, humid weather. If any of the following sound familiar to you, please exercise caution on hot days and call us if need be. Read more…

#1: Ear Polyps in Pets 
Ear problems in pets are not uncommon. When an ear infection or irritation isn’t recovering as expected, though, sometimes something more is going on. One potential reason for a stubborn ear issue is a growth in the ear. Ear polyps in pets, especially cats, can be to blame for recurrent or resistant ear issues. Keep reading to learn what you need to know about this potential problem. Read on!

Pet stress and pet anxiety can be combated with holiday pet safety

See You Next Year!

We hope our pet care blogs have entertained you and given you some valuable information this year. If there are topics you’d like to see in future posts, please contact us to let us know. And from our family to yours, have a wonderful New Year! We look forward to seeing you and your pets in 2019.