When Stress and Anxiety Run High, Strategize With Holiday Pet Safety

Pet stress and pet anxiety can be combated with holiday pet safety

There’s nothing quite like the holidays. Entire days at a time are devoted to seasonal revelry as we dine, dance, and dash through December. We all roll with it the best that we can, but the individuals that tend to be negatively affected by constant activity usually have four feet. Undoubtedly, pets have more stress and anxiety than we know sometimes, which is why even a modicum of holiday pet safety strategies go a long way.

Getting There

It’s possible that your pet has previously demonstrated an absolute distrust of all things holiday. Many pets run and hide as soon as the tree is installed and the lights go up. Creatures of habit, pets do not like their routines to be disrupted at all. The best way to soothe any frayed nerves before and during the holidays is to uphold their sense of security via strict adherence to meal times, bathroom breaks, and opportunities for exercise.


Big Turkey, Big Eyes: How to Maintain Proper Pet Weight During the Holidays

Pet weight can fluctuate over the winter holidays.

Most people embrace the holidays and really get into all the gatherings, events, and dinners (not to mention leftovers!). Guess who’s watching every move we make this holiday season? Our lovable pets, of course! They observe each slice of pie we eat, how much gravy we pour, and they (understandably) want in on the action themselves.

However, watching out for pet weight gain is always important, but this time of year can be especially difficult. Let our team help you find the best course of action to maintain your pet’s health and fitness this holiday season.


Boo! The Wonderful World Of Pet Costumes

pet costumesIt’s that time of year again; witches, ghosts, bats, and pumpkins are making their appearances in preparation for the scariest night of the year, Halloween!

It’s natural to want to include your pet in the festivities, and for many pet owners this means finding the perfect costume for their four-legged pal. Before you load up your cart with the latest and greatest pet costumes, check out our ideas for some fun and creative ways to celebrate the spookiest season with your pet.


When it’s Too Much: Pet Anxiety, Loud Noises, and Unpredictable Situations

loud noisesOwners of young animals are highly aware of the experiences they provide for the new life in their care – and for good reason. The sensitive period of development (up to 3 months for a puppy and 2 months for a kitten) is crucial to long term perception/acceptance of various stimuli, such as people, places, noises, smells, and more. Without a proper introduction or positive encounter, you may risk the development of an irrational fear or pet anxiety.

Often, however, pets are adopted long after the sensitive period, leaving pet owners with questions and frustrations about how to soothe an anxious or fearful animal.


Smart Celebrations: Memorial Day Pet Safety Tips

Although we’ve been experiencing summerlike temperatures here in Alabama, Memorial Day is the unofficial kick-off to summer for most Americans. Pets can enjoy the fun too, as long as we keep their safety and comfort in mind. Get your best pal’s summer started off on the right paw with our Memorial Day pet safety tips!

8 Memorial Day Pet Safety Tips


Ring in the New Year with Our Top New Year’s Resolutions for Pets

Dog with macaroonsThe beginning of a new year often signals a fresh start for those of us needing a change in our habits or routines. Here at Carriage Hills Animal Hospital, we believe that pets should be included in this yearly ritual of self-improvement. What better time to commit to changing your pet’s health and wellness routines for the better than the start of 2017?

If the idea of coming up with New Year’s resolutions for pets is new to you, we have you covered. Check out our simple and effective ideas for making a positive change in your pet’s health and wellness this year.


Do Holiday Pet Safety Methods Apply to Your Pet’s Gifts?

tangledAs the song goes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. However, it’s also one of the most dangerous times of the year for your pet. You may have already exhausted yourself trying to reduce holiday pet risks, but wait! There’s more! Beyond eliminating hazards like poisoning, electric shock, or injury, holiday pet safety dicates that all pet toys and gifts receive careful scrutiny.

Gifts to Avoid

You’d think that toys designed for pets are safe, but that’s not always the case. Consider a fairly innocuous-looking ball, for instance. It may squeak enticingly, but if it’s too small for your pet’s mouth, you could be looking at a serious choking hazard. Always provide adequately-sized balls for chew toys that match the size of your dog’s jaw, mouth, and teeth. Likewise, balls or toys filled with smaller beans or beads could be dangerous if ingested.


Pets and Candy: Not Always a Sweet Combination

iStock_000076345611_Large.jpgWe are entering that magical time of year when sweets and treats of all kinds abound. From trick-or-treaters on Halloween to gatherings and gifts during the holiday season, your home is certain to have a little more candy in it during the coming months.

It is very important for us as pet guardians to pay attention to what is in our homes and be aware of any dangers these items may present to our beloved pets. As we enter the holiday season, keep in mind that pets and candy don’t always (if ever) mix. Continue…

Winter Pet Safety: Getting Your Pets Ready 

iStock_000020590750_LargeWinterizing your car? Sure. But winterizing your pets? Absolutely.

While the mercury may not dip too low here in Alabama, the winter does bring with it unique concerns for pet owners. Think ahead to keep your pets safe as the seasons change.

Steer Clear of Winter Pet Toxins

Pets often eat things that they shouldn’t. Many times it’s no big deal, but in some instances off-limits items can be toxic to pets. Be sure to keep your pet safe from these winter pet poisons:

Baking items – During the holiday season, many people are spending their free time baking. Chocolate, especially baking chocolate, Xylitol, alcohol, and raw dough containing yeast can all be problems for curious pets. Continue…

Holiday Pet Safety: Chocolate Toxicity

If your home is like most this holiday season, there is probably a little more chocolate in the house than usual. Whether it’s the cocoa powder on the counter all ready for your special chocolate mousse pie, the white chocolate holiday bark your kind neighbor brought over, or the box of assorted truffles under the tree, they are all dangerous to unsuspecting and curious pets.

Chocolate Santa ClausWhy Chocolate is a Threat to Pets

While most humans enjoy chocolate, pets metabolize one of the main components, theobromine, differently than we do. At low doses, chocolate intoxication can cause hyperactive behavior in pets. At slightly higher doses you may see digestive upset (think vomiting and diarrhea). At even higher doses a pet that has ingested too much chocolate may have deadly heart arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats), seizures, and coma.


How much chocolate a pet can ingest without suffering from chocolate toxicity is dependent on two factors:  Continue…