The Role of Pet Pheromones in Fear-Free Veterinary Exams

pet pheromonesMany of us have experienced a visit to the veterinarian that was less than relaxing. Our loving, calm, and happy pets are often at their worst when going to the veterinarian, and fear plays a big role in that.

Pets are creatures of habit, and so any disruption to their routine is bound to get a little dicey. Add to that the necessary process of temperature taking, vaccinations, and blood draws, and we end up with an unintentionally not-too-pleasant experience for many pets. But, what if there are ways to make those veterinary visits easier on our pet friends and reduce the fear they feel?

At Carriage Hills Animal Hospital, we are working on just that. Knowing that regular wellness care visits to our office are one of the best ways to give your pet a longer and healthier life, we are excited to become a fear-free certified practice this year. And, one of the ways we’ll be making your pet’s visit easier is with the use of pet pheromones.


Itchy and Scratchy: What You Need to Know About Mange

Most animal lovers have heard of mange. In fact, many times when a pet has hair loss, is feeling a little itchy, or has a rash, people jump to the conclusion that mange is to blame. While sometimes this is the diagnosis, a great many other skin conditions can appear similarly. Luckily for you and your pets, Carriage Hills Animal Hospital is well prepared to deal with many dermatologic problems and help you understand more about mange.

Making the Diagnosis

While you may have heard of mange before, you may not truly appreciate what it is. Mange refers to a condition in which an animal has an overabundance of microscopic mites in and on the skin. This can result in hair loss, redness, scaly areas, itching, and/or secondary infections of the skin.


More Than Just A Pretty Face: The Importance Of Regular Pet Grooming

shih tzu
There’s nothing like being clean, and the same is true for our fur-friends. A freshly washed, brushed, and trimmed pet almost seems to sparkle with vitality.

The benefits of regular pet grooming extend far beyond just keeping your pet clean, however. Pet grooming is an important part of responsible pet ownership and keeping your best pal healthy.

The Importance Of Regular Pet Grooming

Aside from keeping your pet looking and feeling his or her best, regular grooming can have lasting health benefits: Continue…

The Boot Scoot Boogie: What to Know About Pet Butt Scooting

Purebred Bulldog puppyIt is bound to happen at the most inopportune time: Just when you invite guests over for dinner and drinks, Fido decides that he should drag his rear end across your living room rug. Most pet owners have experienced this embarrassing and annoying behavior, but do you know what causes pet butt scooting? If not, it’s time to learn more than you ever wanted to know about your dog or cat’s derriere. Continue…

Itchy and Scratchy: Tell-Tale Signs of Seasonal Pet Allergies

CHAH_000009666900_Medium (1)Most of us are excited to welcome spring, but watery eyes, sneezing, and runny noses can attest to the downside of the season: allergies. As pet owners, we may be surprised to learn that our pets can also be affected by pollen and other environmental allergens.

Even though pet allergies may manifest in different symptoms, they can experience same level of discomfort and immune system overload. Continue…