Flea and Tick Prevention: The Dangers of Pet Home Remedies

As a pet owner, you strive to provide your pet with protection against illness and injury. Preventing them from coming into contact with disease-spreading organisms, such as fleas and ticks, is a top priority. In today’s world of Google, Pinterest, and an ever-increasing focus on natural cures, it can be easy to assume you could cure or prevent pet parasites at home.

Pet home remedies can come in handy in a variety of instances, but flea and tick prevention is not one of them. Many of the ideas and recipes commonly touted as effective parasite control can have serious implications for your pet’s well-being.


It’s a Jungle Out There: Fear Free in 2018!

As pet owners, we want what’s best for our furry friends and are always looking to make sure we’re doing our best for them. However, when it comes to taking them to the veterinarian for their important annual preventive care exam or even for acute care, we can’t help but cringe. Although we know it’s best for them, pet owners and pets all dread going to the veterinarian. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

At Carriage Hills Animal Hospital, we get it. We want to make coming to see us as stress free as possible for your and your pet. We know that the easier it is for both of you, the better health care your pet receives. To that end, we’re proudly working to become a certified Fear Free hospital in 2018.


The Role of Pet Pheromones in Fear-Free Veterinary Exams

pet pheromonesMany of us have experienced a visit to the veterinarian that was less than relaxing. Our loving, calm, and happy pets are often at their worst when going to the veterinarian, and fear plays a big role in that.

Pets are creatures of habit, and so any disruption to their routine is bound to get a little dicey. Add to that the necessary process of temperature taking, vaccinations, and blood draws, and we end up with an unintentionally not-too-pleasant experience for many pets. But, what if there are ways to make those veterinary visits easier on our pet friends and reduce the fear they feel?

At Carriage Hills Animal Hospital, we are working on just that. Knowing that regular wellness care visits to our office are one of the best ways to give your pet a longer and healthier life, we are excited to become a fear-free certified practice this year. And, one of the ways we’ll be making your pet’s visit easier is with the use of pet pheromones.


Do You See What I See: Wellness Ultrasound For Pets

If you have ever had a sick pet, you likely know how valuable ultrasound technology can be. We can look for changes in the abdominal organs, see abnormal valves in the heart, evaluate for foreign objects, and get a real time image of a tissue we are trying to sample with a needle. The ultrasound may just be one of our favorite tools in the hospital.

The veterinary staff at Carriage Hills Animal Hospital wants our pet owners to appreciate the ultrasound for more than just being a diagnostic tool, though. Did you know that wellness ultrasound for pets can be just as incredible?


No Bones About it, Pet X-Rays are Important

Radiographs, more commonly known as X-rays, are an amazing innovation of modern medicine. The doctors at Carriage Hills Animal Hospital rely on them to screen, diagnose, and treat conditions of all kinds on a daily basis. Pet X-rays are an essential part of good pet care, and we couldn’t function without them.


Animal Rehabilitation:  Opening New Doors

CHAH_MAIN_IMG_97201Physical therapy and rehabilitation are vital components in treatment and recovery in the human medical world. They are invaluable in the treatment of many illnesses, injuries, and recoveries to enhance healing, increase comfort and improve quality of life. It is only in recent years, however, that physical and rehabilitation therapy have been recognized for their many benefits for our pets.

As with so many things, Carriage Hills Animal Hospital values being on the forefront of the latest and greatest medicine for your cherished family pets. Our advanced animal rehabilitation therapies and hands-on physical therapy are important tools in our overall treatment toolbox.

How We Can Help

We have years of medical research in the journals relating to human physical therapy, and we’re seeing similar evidence for the benefits of animal rehabilitation. How does this benefit your pet? Continue…

My Pet Has Cancer … Now What?

CHAH_iStock_000048864992_LargeWe would all like for cancer to just disappear off the face of the Earth, but statistics show that it is being diagnosed now more than ever, for both pets and people. Almost half of disease-related pet deaths every year can be blamed on cancer, and 1 in 4 dogs will have some type of tumor in his or her lifetime.

Cancer is scary, but many cancers can be cured and many more can be successfully managed. When your pet has cancer, it isn’t always a death sentence. Keep reading to learn what to expect when your pet is diagnosed with cancer. Continue…

Topic Spotlight: Chronic Pain in Pets

iStock_000039198192_MediumNo one wants their pet to be in pain, ever. Unfortunately, many pets deal with pain on a daily basis. Thankfully, however; with the advances in veterinary medicine, we are able to manage chronic pain in pets better than ever before.

Causes Chronic Pet Pain

There are many reasons a pet may have pain that he or she deals with on an ongoing basis. More common problems include:

Pets are often quite stoic, and it may be difficult to realize the severity of their pain, or that they are having any at all. As a pet owner, it’s important to know that any change in your pet’s behavior or routine can indicate a problem. If you feel your pet might be in pain, it is important to let us know. Continue…