Is Pet Boarding an Option During Spring Break?

School is out for a week (or more), and families/college students are bound for various travel destinations. Depending on your plans, your pet may be accompanying you on your trip. However, flights to foreign countries and long road trips aren’t always the top choice of territorial, travel-wary pets. This year, don’t compromise your plans for spring break. Instead, consider the wonderful benefits of pet boarding – your pet’s home away from home.


Winging It: Navigating Air Travel with Pets

air travel with petsNot everyone chooses to bring their pets along on vacation, but there are certain benefits for those of us who do: we don’t have to spend money on boarding or pet sitting, we know that our pets are being given the best possible care (by us!), and we get to have the enjoyment of sharing our vacations with our best pals.

If your vacation plans include an airline ticket for two, you will have some extra work to do to prepare your pet. Air travel with pets is not without complications, so the sooner you can start researching and planning, the better off you will both be.

Health Certificates

Any time you cross state lines with your pet, you will need to have a pet health certificate, also known as a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. Airlines also require one for every animal on board. Contact your team at Carriage Hills Animal Hospital to get started on this important aspect of air travel with pets.


For a Dog-Gone Good Time, Consider Doggie Daycare

CHAH_iStock_000064877755_LargeWhen we consider doggie daycare, the reasons that come to mind tend to center around the hectic lifestyles of pet parents. Have we spent enough time exercising our dogs? Have we been working too many long hours? Are we giving our best fur friends enough attention?

And, while many of us do lead busy lives, there are also other really great reasons for doggie daycare beyond our own whirlwind schedules.

The Benefits of Doggie Daycare

Beyond acting as a respite for guilt-riddled pet parents, doggie daycare gives most dogs the chance to experience several benefits to physical, emotional, and behavioral
well-being. So, before you head out for the workday and leave Fido home alone, keep these doggie daycare perks in mind… Continue…

Your Pet’s Summer Vacation at Our Pet Resort


farewelldog_iStock_000009095793XSmallKnowing that your pet is happy and well cared for while you are away means a lot when it comes to enjoying your vacation. That is why Carriage Hills Animal Hospital has created a high-end, resort-style boarding facility that specializes in the very best extended-stay care available in the Montgomery area.

In an effort to alleviate the stress of being separated from your pet and to help avoid the other last-minute stresses of travel prepping, we have created the following checklist for you. Please give it a read as you plan your pet’s stay at Carriage Hills Pet Resort in Montgomery AL.