Perfecting the Art of Potty Training Your New Pet

When you think about welcoming a cute, fluffy bundle of joy into your home the last thing you have on your mind is scrubbing a piddle puddle out of your carpet. Potty training your new pet may not make your Instagram feed, but it is an essential part of raising them right. Luckily for you, Carriage Hills Animal Hospital has the inside scoop on potty training your pet.


An Apple a Day: The Importance of Annual Pet Wellness Exams

Pet wellness exams are the cornerstone of responsible pet ownership

As pet owners, we know our pets better than anyone else. We’re familiar with their daily routine, habits, likes, and dislikes, and it can seem like we’ve memorized every whisker, strand of fur, and precious paw pad. However, even the most astute pet parent can’t detect health problems that lurk beneath the surface.

How are you to know when your pet’s liver or kidneys aren’t functioning properly? How do you know whether their joints are beginning to feel the effects of arthritis? That’s where annual pet wellness exams come in!