Spaying or Neutering Your Pet: What You Need to Know

Each year in the United States, roughly 83% of dogs and 91% of cats are spayed or neutered. Spaying or neutering is an important part of responsible pet ownership and wellness care.

Many pet owners are understandably nervous about their beloved pets undergoing any type of surgery, even something as routine as a spay or neuter. There are plenty of compelling reasons to consider this simple, life-changing procedure for your furry friend, and there is no reason to put off for tomorrow what can (and probably should) be done today!

Reducing Pet Overpopulation

Millions of homeless pets are euthanized each year in animal shelters across the country. This statistic is staggering, devastating, and entirely preventable. By having pets spayed or neutered, we are eliminating their capacity to reproduce and making sure we’re not adding to the problem of overcrowded animal shelters.