Feline vision is different than human vision. Perspective can be an amazing thing. Looking at a situation from a different angle can shed light on many situations.

As cat lovers, we at Carriage Hills Animal Hospital find that  sometimes looking at the world from a feline perspective can be very helpful. Keep reading to see the world through a cat’s eyes by understanding more about feline vision.

Vision Basics

Humans, cats, and dogs alike are very dependent on vision for day to day function. Feline vision plays a central role in hunting and social behaviors, too.

No matter what your species, the eye works similarly in most animals. Light enters the front of the eye through the clear windshield-like cornea. It then passes through the lens, which focuses light on the retina. The retina is a layer of cells at the back of the eye made up of:

  • Cones (red, green, and blue cone cells are responsible for the perception of color)
  • Rods (responsible for low light vision)

The rod and cone cells of the retina gather the information transmitted to them and send it through the optic nerve, at the back of the eye, to the brain. Within the brain, the information is interpreted into an image.

Why Feline Vision Is Purrfect

Each species has vision that is adapted to that individual animal’s needs. Feline vision is perfectly suited for the function of a cat. The cat eye has to be good at:

Night vision The feline species hunts primarily at night, so vision in low light is essential. Cats have a large number of cones in their retina, so they are able to see prey even in the dimmest of situations. This means, though, that they are lacking in rods, making them essentially colorblind. They likely see in blue and gray tones and have less detailed vision than we do.

Ability to focus quickly When you are hunting down small rodents or bugs, a quick focus is necessary. Cats focus much more quickly than do humans at close range.

Surveying a large area Cats have better peripheral vision than people, with their eyes being positioned slightly to the sides. This makes them better able to survey their surroundings and be aware of a wide field of vision (about 200 degrees).

Cats are hunters, and the differences in their vision make their unique needs apparent. Keeping your feline friend’s eyesight healthy can ensure that they feel like the king of the jungle when it comes to their ability to navigate the dark and zero in on prey.

Please give us a call today, so that we can help you keep your cat and their vision as good as possible. Pet eye care is a priority for us and a big part of keeping your cat’s inner tiger happy and healthy.