pet pheromonesMany of us have experienced a visit to the veterinarian that was less than relaxing. Our loving, calm, and happy pets are often at their worst when going to the veterinarian, and fear plays a big role in that.

Pets are creatures of habit, and so any disruption to their routine is bound to get a little dicey. Add to that the necessary process of temperature taking, vaccinations, and blood draws, and we end up with an unintentionally not-too-pleasant experience for many pets. But, what if there are ways to make those veterinary visits easier on our pet friends and reduce the fear they feel?

At Carriage Hills Animal Hospital, we are working on just that. Knowing that regular wellness care visits to our office are one of the best ways to give your pet a longer and healthier life, we are excited to become a fear-free certified practice this year. And, one of the ways we’ll be making your pet’s visit easier is with the use of pet pheromones.

What (the Heck) Are Pheromones?

Pheromones are naturally occuring chemical signals that many animals use to communicate. These compounds, produced and secreted by animals, are common and important in influencing the social behavior of members of the same species. Bees use them to rally the hive when they sense danger, and many mammals use them in different social situations as well.

In recent years, pheromones have been synthesized for use in behavioral modification in dogs and cats.

How Do Pheromones Work?

The two most common synthesized pheromone brands are Feliway and Adaptil. In cats, Feliway mimics the feline facial pheromone. You may have noticed your cat rubbing her face on you or your furniture, transferring her facial pheromones that signal that objects are familiar and safe. In dogs, Adaptil is the synthesized form of the appeasing pheromone that mother dogs use to reassure their puppies.

Why Are We Using Pheromones?

At Carriage Hills Animal Hospital, we are using both Feliway and Adaptil to signal to our pet patients that the clinic is a familiar and safe place. Using diffusers, wipes, and sprays, we can leave calming pheromone scents in the exam rooms, waiting areas, and even give you some to spray for their cat carrier or on a bandana to take on the car ride home. Keeping your pet fear free and feeling safe not only reduces their anxiety during their visit, but it also can make your experience bringing them in less stressful. And, less stress for you and your pets leads to a more thorough veterinary visit!

Give us a call with any questions, and contact us to schedule your pet’s fear-free visit. We’re looking forward to talking more with you about reducing stress when your pet visits us, including the use of these effective pheromones.