The Unfortunate Truth About Pet Obesity

Pet obesity is a major threat to pet health

A shocking majority of U.S. cats and dogs are considered either overweight or obese, but there are ways to prevent, recognize, and, in some cases, reverse this condition. That sounds encouraging, right? With a healthy approach to diet and exercise, you can add more years to your pet’s life. With pet obesity on the rise, let’s work together to keep every furry friend healthy and happy.


Understanding Feline Leukemia

understand and learn how to help protect your pet against feline leukemia virusCats, like any other creature, are susceptible to a variety of infectious diseases that can have serious consequences on health and well-being. One such infectious disease that cat lovers need to have an understanding of is feline leukemia. This viral infection is truly one to avoid when possible, and at Carriage Hills Animal Hospital we are here to arm you with the knowledge you need to do so.

The Pathophysiology Behind Feline Leukemia

While the leukemia that affects our human loved-ones is the result of a cancerous process, feline leukemia is actually caused by an infectious virus. Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is a retrovirus, similar to HIV in people. It results in a serious infection that may appear even several years after exposure to the virus. Continue…

Caring for a Pet: Tips for the Responsible Pet Owner

CHAH_iStock_000010652668_LargeWhen we think about being a responsible pet owner, what comes to mind? We may associate qualities such as loving, devoted, and attentive with caring for a pet. Providing food and fresh water, daily exercise, and veterinary care are also a likely part of your definition.

For National Responsible Pet Owner Month (yes, there really is a holiday for everything), we want to think more fully about what it really means to be a responsible pet owner and consider tips for providing the best care for our pets. Continue…

Caring for a Pet: What It Means to Be a Responsible Pet Owner

CHAH_iStock_000010652668_LargeWhat does it mean to be a responsible pet owner? Certainly, good pet care includes providing food and fresh water, daily exercise, and veterinary care. We would also hope that a responsible pet owner is loving, devoted, and attentive with caring for a pet.

For those pet owners who truly see their pets as part of the family, we want to think about what it really means to be a responsible pet owner who not only meets our pet’s daily needs, but provides the best care and quality of life for our pets.


CareCredit and Other Ways to Help Pay for Pet Emergencies

CHAH_iStock_000025336809_MediumWhen we sign on to make an animal part of the family we are signing up for the good times and bad, the sickness and health, and, just like a marriage, for rich or for poor. But, since most of pet ownership is spent in good times and good health, it’s easy to forget to plan for the hard times and the cost of paying for veterinary care when it’s needed the most.

Instead of just hoping that our pet will never need emergency care or surgery, there are many ways to plan for the future health of your pet. Wellness exams and dental cleanings can be planned for, but what about the minor or major surprises animals seem to spring on us at just the wrong time? Continue…