Big Turkey, Big Eyes: How to Maintain Proper Pet Weight During the Holidays

Pet weight can fluctuate over the winter holidays.

Most people embrace the holidays and really get into all the gatherings, events, and dinners (not to mention leftovers!). Guess who’s watching every move we make this holiday season? Our lovable pets, of course! They observe each slice of pie we eat, how much gravy we pour, and they (understandably) want in on the action themselves.

However, watching out for pet weight gain is always important, but this time of year can be especially difficult. Let our team help you find the best course of action to maintain your pet’s health and fitness this holiday season.


The Unfortunate Truth About Pet Obesity

Pet obesity is a major threat to pet health

A shocking majority of U.S. cats and dogs are considered either overweight or obese, but there are ways to prevent, recognize, and, in some cases, reverse this condition. That sounds encouraging, right? With a healthy approach to diet and exercise, you can add more years to your pet’s life. With pet obesity on the rise, let’s work together to keep every furry friend healthy and happy.


Pet Nutrition: What’s Your Pet Food IQ?

Good pet nutrition is an important part of pet health and good veterinary care.Protein, essential fatty acids, fat content, and carbohydrates… These terms are well-known, but when it comes to pet nutrition, a lot of different factors come into play. For instance, an animal’s breed, age, lifestyle, and existing health conditions can set into motion a whole flurry of questions about what they need nutritionally, and what they can do without. All pets benefit from an individualized, balanced diet, and some animals require additional nutritional supplements and vitamins.

Carriage Hills Animal Hospital is here to help decode what’s right for your sweet pet.

The Label

Pet food labels can be very frustrating to read, let alone understand. Getting a grip on the nutritional standards of pet food starts with recognizing the endorsement of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). If the pet nutrition is balanced and complete, the label will say it’s been formulated to meet nutrient profiles, or that it provides nutrition for intended animals. Continue…

Healthy Diet/Healthy Pet: Why Proper Pet Nutrition Matters

CHAH_iStock_000037611086_MediumYou may be surprised at the vital role your pet’s nutrition plays in maintaining your pet’s weight, keeping your pet healthy, and preventing disease. A balanced diet even helps encourage energy and promotes healthy skin, coat, and teeth. But, with all of the selections of pet foods and nutritional products, it can be confusing to understand what diet will best enhance your pet’s health and well-being. Continue…

But Meat is the First Ingredient! –The Problem with Pet Food Labels

iStock_000009730375_SmallAs a pet owner, you want to give your pet the best care possible, and choosing a quality diet is a very important part of doing so. But choosing the right food for your pet isn’t always as easy as it might sound.

Most owners start by reading the pet food labels found on the bag, but it is important to understand that pet food labels do not always convey the information necessary to make the best choice.

When you read a pet food label, what are you looking for? If your answer is ‘meat as the first ingredient’, or maybe ‘no byproducts’, keep reading… We would like to explain to you why the first thing that you should be looking at is not the ingredient list, but the AAFCO statement.

AAFCO and Pet Food Labels

AAFCO stands for the Association of American Feed Control Officials. It is an organization that sets the nutritional standards for pet foods that are sold in the United States. Continue…