A Wonderland of Winter Senior Pet Care

Winter senior pet care helps senior pets have a happy winter

Winter isn’t exactly brutal in Montgomery, but that doesn’t mean we don’t experience our share of ice, wind, and freezing temps. Although people may enjoy the seasonal change and relish the opportunity to wear boots and sweaters, senior pets are more likely to experience aches and pains, flare-ups of chronic conditions, or even depression.

As the temps drop this time of year, let Carriage Hills Animal Hospital help you tackle winter senior pet care with our expert tips!


Winter Pet Safety: Getting Your Pets Ready 

iStock_000020590750_LargeWinterizing your car? Sure. But winterizing your pets? Absolutely.

While the mercury may not dip too low here in Alabama, the winter does bring with it unique concerns for pet owners. Think ahead to keep your pets safe as the seasons change.

Steer Clear of Winter Pet Toxins

Pets often eat things that they shouldn’t. Many times it’s no big deal, but in some instances off-limits items can be toxic to pets. Be sure to keep your pet safe from these winter pet poisons:

Baking items – During the holiday season, many people are spending their free time baking. Chocolate, especially baking chocolate, Xylitol, alcohol, and raw dough containing yeast can all be problems for curious pets. Continue…