pet wellnessYou may roll your eyes a little  when we ask for a urine sample or to run a blood test on your perfectly healthy pet. Afterall, if it ain’t broke, why fix it, right? …But, at Carriage Hills Animal Hospital we are about more than fixing broken pets. In fact, one of our prime directives is to prevent illness and disease whenever possible.

Wellness testing plays a big role preventative medicine, and is one of the most effective things you can do as a pet owner to keep your four-legged family member happy and healthy.

The Power of Wellness Testing

Why all the fuss about wellness testing? Your pet appears to be doing fine and our physical examination seems to be spot on. Wellness testing, such as blood and urine screenings, are actually windows to some very valuable information, though.

Routine wellness testing allows us to:

  • Detect early indications of a disease that may not yet be symptomatic
  • Establish what your pet’s normal values are (versus “average” animals)
  • Achieve better success in managing disease conditions using early interventions

Routine screening tests are also valuable in monitoring pets who take medications regularly as most drugs are filtered and excreted by the kidneys and/or liver. If these organs are at all impaired, there can be serious consequences.

It is also important to have lab results prior to anesthesia. Monitoring your pet’s blood work allows us to tailor anesthetic protocols to his or her individual needs, making anesthesia and surgery much safer.

Our animal friends are very good at hiding signs of illness until things become fairly advanced. Monitoring internal systems as part of a wellness plan helps us to ensure that we provide care sooner, and prevent disease progression more effectively, in situations where that is possible.

Our Best Recommendations

So how do you go about getting started with wellness testing for your beloved cat or dog? The answer is quite simple:  Bring him or her in to see us. Often. We recommend twice yearly visits for every pet patient we see.

Wellness screening starts with the physical exam. During your visit your pet will receive a thorough physical exam, which may tip us off to problems before you know they exist. Frequent examinations also allow us to be more familiar with what is normal for your individual animal and give you an opportunity to bring up any questions or concerns.

Based on your pet’s physical examination, lifestyle, risk factors, and known conditions, we will then often recommend wellness testing specific to the situation. For many pets, this means at least annual screening.

We are constantly striving to do better for you and your pets, and routine wellness testing is one way we can effectively move towards more preventative rather than reactive care. Call us today to get started in keeping sure your pet is healthy for a long time to come.