Pet stress and pet anxiety can be combated with holiday pet safety

There’s nothing quite like the holidays. Entire days at a time are devoted to seasonal revelry as we dine, dance, and dash through December. We all roll with it the best that we can, but the individuals that tend to be negatively affected by constant activity usually have four feet. Undoubtedly, pets have more stress and anxiety than we know sometimes, which is why even a modicum of holiday pet safety strategies go a long way.

Getting There

It’s possible that your pet has previously demonstrated an absolute distrust of all things holiday. Many pets run and hide as soon as the tree is installed and the lights go up. Creatures of habit, pets do not like their routines to be disrupted at all. The best way to soothe any frayed nerves before and during the holidays is to uphold their sense of security via strict adherence to meal times, bathroom breaks, and opportunities for exercise.

Stay Calm, Carry On

Your pet picks up on your feelings and moods. If you arrive home stressed out and anxious, they will likely respond in kind. Try to remain as calm as possible this holiday season and carve out time to simply be with or near your pet in a relaxing way. Since petting and snuggling is directly linked to stress release, you’ll both benefit from leaving the holiday worries at the door.

Nobody Knows

The holidays take us away from home for longer periods of time. Whether you’re shopping, attending events, or visiting folks this year, take extra precautions regarding your pet. All pets require daily exercise and attention, but animals that are more sensitive are at risk when left alone longer than usual.

Provide a dog walker or pet sitter to check on them, or consider dropping your pooch off at Barking Zone Dog Daycare. They’ll be happy and tuckered out when you pick them up. Then you can simply go home and relax together. Perfect for holiday pet safety!

Hosting Travails

If you’re opening your home this holiday season to a flow of friends, relatives, and neighbors, it’s imperative to give your pet serious consideration. A party not only exposes your pet to heightened holiday stress and anxiety, but increases the opportunity for escape or potential illness or injury.

We recommend limiting your pet’s engagement with the crowd by creating a safe space for them away from the action. A secure room with soft lighting and music, treats, water, and comfortable bedding may do the trick. Check on them periodically, and only bring them out if they appear relaxed.

A Boon for Holiday Pet Safety

Luxury Boarding at Carriage Hills Animal Hospital and Pet Resort offers an excellent boost to your holiday pet safety tactics. Knowing that your pet is in great hands while you entertain (or if you’re enjoying the holidays away from home) is a wonderful gift for you and your pet!

Please let us know if you have any questions about our facility, or need a little extra help regarding holiday pet safety this year. From all of us, happy holidays!