Carriage Hills Luxury Pet Spa


The professional grooming team at Carriage Hills Animal Hospital treats your pet with the utmost care. We offer the basics such as shampoo treatments, nail trimmings, and ear cleanings, as well as other pet care services designed to enhance the appearance and health of your animal companion.

Dog before grooming
Before grooming
Dog after grooming
After grooming

Pet Spa & Grooming Services

Does your pet deserve a spa day? We offer high-quality, professional pet grooming in a clean, well-maintained facility with skilled attendants.

Each spa guest is thoroughly pampered from nose to tail. A typical groom consists of a shampoo specifically selected for your pet’s individual needs. Guests are treated to a nail trim, ear cleaning, anal sac expression, and a professional haircut and style. We provide a Capstar flea treatment to all grooming patients.


Sedated Grooming

Every effort is made to provide an indulgent, stress-free grooming experience, and we do our best to make your pet feels safe and pampered. However, for some pets, the only way to ensure safety and a positive grooming experience is to use sedation under the supervision of a veterinarian.

If your pet shows signs of stress during his or her grooming appointment, safe sedation may be recommended. We never administer sedation without your explicit permission, and our veterinarian is happy to discuss this option with you in more detail.

Dog being bathed

Special Services

Our groomers are happy to accommodate any specific requests. We are also able to vaccinate your pet, examine any problems you may have noticed, and perform certain procedures, such as dental cleanings, at the time of your grooming appointment. These services may require additional time, so please let us know your needs in advance.

Please contact our hospital to schedule an appointment or to discuss any special grooming or service needs.


East Montgomery Pets

In East Montgomery, our convenient Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic offers a selection of grooming and boarding services to meet your essential pet care needs.