Effective Pain Relief for Dogs & Cats

Dog wearing a leg cast

At Carriage Hills Animal Hospital, the safety and comfort of your pet is our primary concern. We use the latest advances in pain management, including tailored injectable and oral medications, nerve blocks and local anesthetics, and alternative options such as laser therapy and physical therapy.

At our hospital, no pet is ever allowed to suffer needlessly.


Pain Management for Surgery

For every surgical patient, a pain management plan is tailored to meet the pet’s specific needs before, during, and after surgery. Sedation and anesthesia are carefully chosen for safety and effectiveness. Monitoring is continuous, observing for symptoms of pain at every level.


CRI: Constant Rate Infusion

One excellent option for post-surgical pain management is CRI, or constant rate infusion. CRI allows us to maintain a steady and stable concentration of pain relief medication by administering the drug at a constant rate. The advantages to this technique are many:

  • CRI prevents the sudden peaks and valleys associated with IV or injectable medications.
  • The rate of the infusion can be adjusted to meet the patient’s need.
  • CRI results in less total amount of drug used compared with other methods.
  • This technique offers a more rapid recovery from the drug effect.

This unique service offers the finest in pain management and patient care.


Nerve Blocks & Local Anesthetics

A nerve block interrupts how pain signals are sent to the brain by injecting a long-acting local anesthetic into a nerve or the spine. We use nerve blocks and local anesthetics to address pain in a variety cases, such as:

  • As an adjunct therapy with other pain relieving treatments
  • For anesthesia during some smaller procedures
  • For short-term pain relief after some surgeries and other procedures

Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapies have gained popularity in managing both chronic and acute pain. Often, these alternatives are combined with traditional medications for optimum results.

Alternative therapies in use at our hospital include hydrotherapy, underwater treadmill, physical therapy, and laser therapy.

Please contact us with any questions or for more information about your pain management options.