Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation for Any Pet

Dog on an underwater treadmill

Carriage Hills Animal Hospital treats a wide variety of conditions and rehabilitation needs with canine physical therapy. This wonderful treatment modality helps enhance healing and increases comfort, agility, and quality of life in senior pets. We are proud to offer both cold laser therapy and TENS therapy.


Benefits of Canine Physical Therapy

We incorporate physical therapy into the treatment plan for pets recovering from injuries, surgery, or conditions related to aging. Benefits of physical therapy include:

  • Post-surgical patients lose less muscle mass and strength, and regain muscle mass more quickly.
  • Orthopedic patients recover from surgery more rapidly with less pain and inflammation.
  • Overweight patients experience less discomfort and improved quality of life, enjoy greater life expectancy, and minimize risk of injury and disease.
  • Senior patients demonstrate improved function and decreased pain, enhancing comfort and quality of life for those with arthritis or degenerative disease.
Two dogs on an underwater treadmill

Canine Hydrotherapy & Underwater Treadmill

One of our primary therapies is hydrotherapy with underwater treadmill training. Hydrotherapy is an effective method of rehabilitation in dogs, building up muscle strength and improving mobility without additional stress on the joints.

The buoyancy of the water removes pressure from the painful limbs, while the viscosity of the water creates a resistance to the muscles. This combination creates an ideal therapeutic workout.

Please contact our hospital to schedule physical therapy appointments for your pet.


Rehabilitation Referrals

Rehabilitation services are available to all current patients of Carriage Hills Animal Hospital. If you are not a current client but would like to have your pet seen by a member of our rehabilitation staff, a referral from your current veterinarian will be necessary. Our staff will work closely with your current care provider to coordinate treatment planning, enhance communication, and reach the best possible outcome for your pet.

To start your pet's referral for our rehabilitation services, complete this form and submit online, or download, print, and complete in order to fax or delivery hard copy: