Progressive Pet Health Care for Life

Happy dog wearing a sweater and being walked outdoors

Having a plan for keeping your pet healthy is the foundation of a long, happy life. We believe the wellness of your pet is ensured through the early identification of disorders and ailments, coupled with an understanding of healthy living habits.

Regardless of age, we offer information, support, and guidance designed to enhance the human-animal bond:


Teaming Up for Pet Health and Wellness

There are many aspects to providing quality wellness care. From preventive vaccines and parasite control to pet dental care and nutritional support, every member of our team works with you to provide the most progressive approach to pet care.

In addition, our veterinary referral option offers local veterinarians and their patients the opportunity to use our specialty services.


East Montgomery Convenience

Our Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic offers the same extraordinary veterinary medicine with a selection of services to meet your essential pet care needs in East Montgomery.

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