The Best Senior Pet Care

Dog wearing a birthday hat

We cherish your senior pet and are dedicated to helping your old friend lead a long and vigorous life. Our senior pet protocols are designed to support health, prevent age-related disease, and identify medical problems early for successful treatment.

Our convenient Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic offers the same extraordinary senior pet wellness care with a selection of essential services in our intimate, modern facility in East Montgomery.


Senior Pet Care & Disease Prevention

Older pets have special needs, such as more frequent examinations and wellness screenings. Early detection of age-related conditions and diseases offers the most success in treatment options. To support this approach, we recommend veterinary exams at least twice a year after the age of six in most dogs and cats (earlier for large breeds).

An older pet is more likely to develop diseases of the heart, liver, and kidney, as well as cancers, diabetes, and arthritis. Prompt treatment of these diseases allows us to slow or halt their progress and provide your pet with greater comfort for a longer period of time.


Common Diseases in Senior Pets

Our veterinarians have experience and skill in successfully treating age-related conditions and diseases. Cancer care, neurological issues, and orthopedic concerns are common among aging pets. Successful treatments are available to our patients, as well as veterinary referrals, in all of these areas.

We also offer advanced arthritis treatment options, including physical therapy with our underwater treadmill. In addition, pain management is a high priority for senior pets. We address pain with medication and lifestyle changes, as well as alternative treatments such as the therapeutic laser.

We want to help your pet grow old gracefully. Please contact our hospital to schedule an appointment for your senior companion.